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What we are up to

We have just published a book to aid people in understanding the sea of numbers all around us.


It is also aimed at corporates who want to communicate numbers better.


Corporates who feel their staff "cannot do the math" would benefit from this book - and asking us for training sessions.

We are about to publish a new framework for understanding people, their lives and how they make decisions - learn about people's Givens, their Life Circumstances and how they view themselves, and how their deepest beliefs - their worldview - drives their decisions. we explore what this means for advertisers and marketers alike. A webinar is coming soon.

Our next project is at the drawing board stage and will explore some of the more esoteric aspects of survey research.


Current projects

Simplifying numbers and understanding people

In preparation: Select topics in survey research (book)


OLIVES: Understanding people
(Launch imminent)

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